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Refraction Inside the Raindrop

Refraction inside the raindrop:

Life repeats itself mindlessly until you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel.” This beautiful line is said by the great philosopher Osho.  I don’t know whether I’m mindful or not. But, I can say that when I was taking this picture of refraction inside the raindrop, I pour my entireconcentration within this drop, which is about to fall from the leaf. I realized that at that time, my mindfulness reached the highest level, where my whole world was concentrated within a drop. It’s true that it lasted for a few seconds or fractions of seconds.  But during the whole session of this photography, I forgot everything in my life except the leaves, the raindrops and adjusting the lens of my camera.

Refraction inside the raindrop about to fall from the leaf.

It’s been one and half months, I have started to learn and practice photography.  I know I need lots of improvements. In spite of that, I keep posting photos on my blog for two reasons. Firstly, I want to share my joy of creativity and secondly, I wish to listen to your views and tips on the particular photos. So, please fill free to add any type of comment on my posts.

This was my dream photo. I never thought that I can take this type of shot. It’s because I don’t have such skill of macro photography and I don’t have the DSLR camera. But, I tried it, mindfully, by my simple digital Canon Powershot.

Refraction inside the falling raindrop

 I don’t  know how is this photo. But, if you watch it with a little bit of concentration, you can see that the surrounding is refracted in this falling rain drop.  The images of the window of the adjacent house and the leaves of the tree are refracted, clearly, within the raindrop.  So, see the world, mindfully, in this little raindrop. Hope, you will enjoy it.

Technical Details:

Camera: Canon Powershot SX110.

ISO 800,   Focal length:  6mm, Aperture- f/4.5, Shutter speed- 1/640 s.

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23 thoughts on “Refraction Inside the Raindrop

    1. This one is one of the famous quotes of Blake.I cannot remember properly the rest of the lines, but the summery of that poem is in my mind. this quote and your addition make the theme of the picture more beautiful. Thanks for adding such beauty.


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